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Schneider SCADA Software

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system is a control system that consists of control network interfaces, input/output, communication equipment and software.

SCADA systems are used to monitor and control the equipment in the industrial process which includes manufacturing, production, development and fabrication. The SCADA software gives real-time information and analytics from different system components connected to the internet.

The system is easily expandable. Therefore, any number of control units and sensors can be added according to the requirement.

Operations can be monitored and controlled by SCADA software

VN Solutions products

Siemens SCADA Software

SCADA systems are used to monitor and control physical processes involved in industry and infrastructure on a large scale and over long distances.

SIMATIC WinCC can be used in combination with Siemens controllers. WinCC is written for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It uses Microsoft SQL Server for logging and comes with a VBScript and ANSI C application programming interface.

In 2010, WinCC and PCS 7 were the first known SCADA systems to be specifically targeted by malware. The Stuxnet worm can spy on and even reprogram infected systems.


WinCC is a modern system with an attractive user interface for use in the world of the office and manufacture, offering mature and reliable operation and efficient configuration. It is scalable for simple and complex tasks.

Together with the integrated process database, WinCC represents the information exchange for cross-company, vertical integration and thanks to Plant Intelligence provides much more transparency in production.