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ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker)

ELCB (earth leakage circuit breaker) is a device which breaks the power supply that flows through the earth line wires. Imperial world Trade is the leading ELCB manufacturer in India.

ELCB's main function is to break the circuit in case of unsafe voltage is detected. This is to protect the humans and nature from injuries caused by the electric shocks caused by earth leakages. This circuit interrupter disconnects the supply of power in case of unsafe conditions. We can say ELCB is the brain and grounding is backbone for shock protection.

If we talk about ELCB, it is used to protect from insulation failure. If the current leaks from installation of electric circuit, there could be insulation failure, which must be detected and protected effectively, otherwise there will be higher risk of shock if anyone touches installation. This will be effectively done by ELCB's.